Boardinghaus Freising

Rules of house

Thank you for showing considerate attidude.

So please:

  • subdued low volume, also for music and television, mainly from 10pm – 6am
  • take care about furnishing
  • hold clean kitchen, bathroom and toilet
  • eleminate bad smell, open windows on own initiative
  • seperate waste

Trash container are provided for

  • recycle
  • glas
  • paper
  • organic
  • residual

on day of room cleaning (look at plan in flat or on room door) please clear up your room from clothings and privat objects.
That ́s the only practible way to guarantee an efficient cleaning.

Take off key from flat/room door (inside).


  • it’s not allowed to dry clothings inside the rooms/apartments
  • no peds
  • no smoking (smokers areals outside)
  • In case of smoking we calculate for special cleaning costs about 200 Euro