Boardinghaus Freising

Boardinghouse Freising


In a central location at fair bulk prices.


Inspite of corona/covid-19 and limitations of outgoing: We are open for you!
Buisiness trips inside Germany and EU-countries are allowed with travel attestation from your employer.
Also for homeoffice-outsourcing or if you need a temporary accomodation for own health protecting or protecting another sickened housemate : we are able to help!
Touristic travelers unfortunately are not allowed in the time. 


You are searching for a room, a little flat or an apartment for a limited period of time for yourself or a member of your company? You want to stay central but on low budget? Without stress of moving or searching?

Than you are welcome at our place.

Decide for a longterm stay, the clever alternative for trainees, guest lecturer, students, project employees, seminar- or training participants, businesspartner, jobchanger, vistors to a fair or events like “Oktoberfest” in Munich, guests at family celebrations…


  • no time-consuming flat searching
  • no expensive furniture buying
  • no caution money, no commission
  • no registration at local utility or broadcasting company
  • no irritating statement of utility cost
  • registration with physical adress possible (take care, it starts TV-fee!)